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Garage Door Opener Inspection Services – Minneapolis, MN

Perform Thorough Inspection on Your Garage Door Opener by Contacting Professionals

Garage door openers are motorized devices that are designed to open and close garage entrances at a single touch. Most of them have switch controls on the wall for easy operation, as well as a remote control for those who may want to operate their doors automatically. Homeowners require regularly inspection of their garage door openers, to ensure that they are in perfect condition. At Minneapolis Home Garage Doors, we have all the tools, and resources needed to perform a thorough check up on your garage door. Contact us today, to know more about garage door opener inspection, and more information about the services we offer.Note that a garage door is the largest moving part in a house, and most of its parts are under high pressure, therefore all repairs must be performed by trained garage door repair technicians, to mitigate the possibilities of fatal accidents. Even if the damage seems operable, never be tempted to work on it alone, call Minneapolis Home Garage Doors for a garage door opener inspection in Minneapolis.

Our Garage Door Opener Inspection Process

With your garage door fully shut, we'll start by checking the manual release handle, which is often used to detach the main gate from its opener. This knob usually be accessible from all angles and measure at least 6ft up from the garage floor.Moreover, from inside the garage, we check if there are any loose pieces, cracks, damage or separations, and take the necessary action thereafter.Our technicians also check to ensure that all the warning labels are present on the components of garage door openers. These include:

  • A spring caution tag attached to the primary assembly.
  • General warning label found at the back of your door panel.
  • A notice attached to the surface wall next to the control button.
  • A pair of warning labels found on the door next to the base corner brackets.

Take Care of Springs to Ensure Smooth Operation of Garage Door Opener

If you have noticed cracks in your garage door spring, then immediately call us, because it may hamper operation of your garage door opener. If your garage door has stopped taking instructions from the opener, don’t worry, our garage door expert team is trained to manually open your garage door, and prevent possible accidents. In this situation, we strongly advise garage owners not to use their garage doors until all damaged springs are replaced, by our qualified technicians. All the door hinges, fasteners, and brackets will also be checked, and replaced if required. In addition, header brackets must be firmly attached to the wall/header using concrete anchors or lag bolts.

The garage opener's counterbalance system typically consists of torsion coils, that are mounted just above the main door header, or extension spring. In case the spring accidentally breaks, spring containment helps prevent broken debris from dangerously flying around the garage. Torsion coils found on the shaft help in providing natural containment, however, if they are damaged we will have to replace them with new ones.

Call Us for Further Queries

We can proudly state that our clients do rely on our garage door opener inspection services we offer; dial (844) 326-6114 to learn more about our garage door opener services.


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