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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement -Minneapolis, MN

Garage door repair requires regular maintenance, and inspection. Negligence may make it non-functional. Most of the garage door problems occur due to poor condition or quality of garage door springs. This is where our garage door experts, at Minneapolis Home Garage Doors, can help you. Garage door experts have expertise in repairing malfunctioned garage door springs. In addition, Minneapolis Home Garage Doors also provides services including installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair of garage doors springs.

Problem with Garage Door Springs

You have probably noticed that in almost all garage doors, springs are tightly wound, because they used to be quite stretched or under tremendous tension. If you fiddle with them in inappropriate ways, they may cause a lot of pain or injury.Unprecedented amount of stretch damages springs. If garage owners do not periodically inspect the condition of springs, they may break, and may cause fatal accidents. Well-trained team of garage door experts at Minneapolis Home Garage Doors can efficiently fix all types of garage door spring related issues in a very cost effective manner.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Carefully inspect your garage, you find two types of springs in your garage door. One of them is knows as‘extension spring'. You will find this type of springs on each side of the door. You may find these springs, stretched close to the side of overhead track. You may find one more type of spring, known as 'torsion spring'. Garage door mechanics mount these springs on the header. Extension springs are bit easier to repair, but never try to play with torsion springs.

When You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

It is obvious that your garage door spring will require repairs, when one of the springs break. One of the easiest way to identify the damage is loud noise, coming from the spring. Another sign of damaged spring is imbalanced garage door. Experts, at Minneapolis Home Garage Doors, can instantly solve these issues in two ways by adjusting garage door springs, or by replacing garage door springs.

Reasons to Choose Us

Garage door repair experts, at Minneapolis Home Garage Doors, advise their customers to understand the signs of a broken, or nearly spoilt springs, that need immediate attention. The signs may vary for different categories of garage doors such as automatic, and semi automatic. We provide round-the-clock repair, and replacement services in Minneapolis, and near-by area. We also work on weekends, and during holidays. To ensure ultimate satisfaction of clients, we replace damaged parts of garage doors with the products of leading brands. In addition, we offer lifetime warranty on our services and products. We also organize workshops and training classes for our garage door professionals to keep them updated with the latest development in garage door technologies.

Calls Us Now!

For every small doubt, you can call us. Our customer care executives can not only help you with quick arrangement, and dispatch of garage door expert team at your door, they can also help you with useful tips, which can further help you in ensuring safety of your family.


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