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Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement Services- Minneapolis, MN

Garage door cable is one of the most important components of a garage door. It holds total weight of garage doors, and make a balancing act during opening and closing. In this whole process, the cable bears tremendous amount of stretch, and tension. If the cable breaks, you need garage door cable repair or replacement services on urgent basis. Garage door experts, at Minneapolis Home Garage Doors, do understand importance of garage door cables, so they are 24x7 available for emergency garage door cable repair services.

Broken Garage Door Cable Can be Dangerous

Generally, a garage door weighs 300lbs. If garage door cable breaks, the 300lbs will fall, and will damage whatever comes under this heavy object. Indeed, a poorly maintained or corroded cable can be extremely dangerous. It is highly advisable that you don’t try your own hand to repair the broken garage door cable. Call highly certified, and experienced garage door cable expert, for instant solution. Our emergency service vehicles, and experts are always ready with the superior quality garage door cables, and appliances for garage door repair.

Why Does Garage Door Cable Break?

Garage door cables break due to couple of things. They may break due to frequent expansion, and contraction. Frequent expansion, and contraction may cause due to drastic changes in the temperature of the door, and of course huge load of garage doors. Another major cause of breakage is intense friction on the cable. This friction is brought about by the constant movement of the mobile parts of the garage door. The garage door has over 300 moving parts, that are constantly in motion and this ends up resulting in a lot of friction, which is responsible for wear and tear of the cable.

What If Garage Door Cable Breaks?

The garage door is a vital part of the garage and that means it is supposed to be functional at all times. When not functional, it is not only hard for you to access your cars and other belongings, but also it is a security risk. A broken cable is a big danger to the people around the garage door. This is because the door might fall down all of a sudden. If such situation occurs, this may lead to fatal injury to your kids, if they playing near or in the garage, or the pet in case it enters the house through the garage. The cable, therefore, requires periodic maintenance, inspection, and repair. Minneapolis Home Garage Doors provide services for garage door cable repair in Minneapolis 24x7, even on weekends and during holidays.

Calls Us For Instant Help

Minneapolis Home Garage Doors provides the most efficient and effective services in the repair of garage door cables. It is very important that your cable gets repaired properly to avoid any future breakages or accidents. Cable inconveniences are very unpredictable and may happen even in a dark stormy night. Therefore, you will need a garage door service provider that may provide fast and reliable services, so that you don't have to deal with this problem for longer than you have to. Contacting local garage door repair service provider company, such as Minneapolis Home Garage Doors is one of the finest options.


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