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Residential Garage Door Services– Minneapolis, MN

Garages are the safest places to park cars, and store related equipment in our homes. But this is only true when the garage doors are working properly. A garage door requires proper installation, inspection, maintenance and repair for it to work as required. Since not all garage door repair service companies can carry out these services successfully, in Minneapolis, you need to look for the best service company to deal with your garage door. Minneapolis Home Garage Doors have been the best choice for most people looking for reliable residential garage doors services.

Residential Garage Doors Services

The common garage doors services include installation , inspection, maintenance and repair. A garage door has many parts, such as openers, springs, cables and rollers. All these parts need to be properly installed, inspected, maintained and repaired for the door to work properly. The garage doors themselves are not all the same: there are different brands and types. This means that these services vary from one door brand or type to another. Some garage doors may not be easy to install, maintain or repair, but Minneapolis Home Garage Doors have the capacity to offer these services reliably.


When looking for a residential garage door installation service in Minneapolis, you should consider the one that will make your door work efficiently and safely for a long time. This kind of service can only be offered by qualified technicians using the right equipment and applying modern technology. Minneapolis Home Garage Doors consist of skilled and well-trained personnel that can install garage door parts in a professional manner.


Garage door inspection services are usually carried out to detect problems that arise, as a result of continued use of the door. These services ensure minor garage door problems are corrected quickly, preventing them from turning into major problems that may cause a permanent breakdown of the door. Some parts which should be inspected regularly include rollers, hinges, springs, nut bolts and door opener accessories. The inspection services should be conducted once a year. Garage door inspection paves way for maintenance services. The following are the common maintenance services in the world of garage doors:

  • Lubricating and adjusting hinges, rollers, springs and plates. Balancing extension springs.
  • Adjusting and lifting cables and tracks. Adjusting door opener's components.
  • Tightening nuts and bolts

Minneapolis Home Garage Doors have what it takes to offer reliable inspection and maintenance services. When looking for these services in Minneapolis, look no further than this door service company.


Like any other equipment, garage doors are subject to damage. They suffer from wear and tear, causing malfunctions. The common problems of residential garage doors which need immediate repair, include damaged sections, damaged cables, broken springs, bent or broken springs and misaligned tracks. The broken parts need to be replaced as part of repair service. The bent or misaligned parts need to be realigned and adjusted to bring them to their top performance.

Generally, residential garage door services are designed to ensure that the garage door runs efficiently, and is safe to use. Poorly installed or damaged garage doors attract burglars. This is one of the reasons for proper installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of garage doors. Minneapolis Home Garage Doors can take care of all these services efficiently.


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